The mining of complex crypto-currencies has been revolutionized by an innovation known as Cloud Mining.

Bitcoin ( BTC ), Namecoin ( NMC ), Devcoin ( DVC ), Incakoin ( IXC ) and Litecoin ( LTC ) are all mined using complex algorithms, open source software, powerful servers and complex mining equipment. Most Bitcoin enthusiasts lack the expertise needed to set up mining equipment, or the funds and power needed to purchase and operate it. Many miners have opted to pool their servers, but that still requires cumbersome resources and esoteric know-how from the individual miners.

Cloud mining simply uses the pooled resources from reputable exchanges at the market rate to virtually rent GigaHashes (GHs) that do all the mining. The CEX exchange claims they “can guarantee a stable and profitable 24/7 up-time and output.”

GigaHashes can be bought, sold and traded instantly, there, so purchases can always be cashed out.

Upon the purchase of GigaHashes with Bitcoin or Namecoin, mining begins instantly at CEX.

Miners at CEX enjoy earning their share of about 50 block rewards a day, with simultaneous passive returns in Bitcoin, Namecoin, Devcoin and Incakoin.

Currencies can be accrued and transferred to other wallets; interest-like rewards in Bitcoin and Namecoin can also be reinvested or churned for more GHs to earn even bigger block rewards.

CEX customer service is excellent;  they operate during business hours in London, GMT.