Here are couple of option you can choose:

Mine with you home PC (CPU)
Mine with your home PC (GPU)

This is first thing I did when I discovered Litecoin/Dogecoin, but here are a couple of ways to make it more profitable.

My personal home PC is Core i5, 4 cores, NVidia GTX 650 Ti Boost. It’s a solid workstation, but far away from proper mining machine, and here’s why:

Mining on CPU = 35 Khash/sec (not worth it at all)

Mining on GPU = 100 KHash/sec

Total: 135 KHash/sec

So today it will take me 10 days to mine 1 LTC coin. This result can be totally different with your setup, but I’m quit sure you won’t get more than double of it which still is too slow.

But here’s what we can do to mine faster without investing a lot:
Add additional video card just for mining
Swap current video card in case it’s slow

Option A:

We just need to check if we have a empty PCIEx16 slot on our motherboard.

Typical mobo with 2xPCIe x 16 slots. Usually they have this clip for locking video cards there. One of them will be populated with your current video card. If you have the second empty one – bingo – just plug in the new video card there and you’re ready to go!

Option B:

If you are not that lucky, but still want to mine at reasonable speed – than it’s time to upgrade your video card. Which video card to choose for this solo mining

This heavily depends on your budget but, here’s that I personally think of it. Let’s subdivide it into 3 categories – On Budget, Perfect Middle and Fast and Expensive.

On Budget:

Radeon 270X – 400 KHash/sec for around ~250USD

Perfect Middle:

Reasonable amount of computing power, without draining all your money.

Radeon R9 280X or if you’re lucky- HD 6950 ~ 700Khash/sec for ~300USD. Almost impossible to find on stock.

Fast and Expensive

A lot of performance, for a lot of money!

Radeon 290X- 900KHash/sec – 500USD


It’s not that hard to start mining today. Just plug in a proper video card to your home PC and start mining! You can see that in my case any moderate video card is 5-6 times faster than my NVidia card I have in my workstation. So it makes almost no sense to mine with it. So go ahead, add a proper video card to your workstation and start mining!